SmackDown Wrestler DIDN'T Meet Triple H Until Reaching WWE's Main Roster

Triple H didn't tell this WWE star he was moving to SmackDown until the last minute.

WWE Clash At The Castle Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa has revealed that he didn't actually meet Triple H until WWE flew him out to Wales for Clash At The Castle in September.

The Bloodline newbie told the New York Post that he'd never personally had a meeting with 'The Game' since joining NXT's ranks in August 2021. Just over 12 months later, he was standing backstage wondering what the company had planned for him on one of the biggest stadium shows of the entire year.

That's when Hunter approached Solo and announced that he'd be part of the SmackDown roster from that point on. This came as a complete surprise to Sikoa, because he figured he was only in the UK for some sort of one-off spot involving The Usos or Roman Reigns - curiously, both Roman and Paul Heyman had been "quiet" with Solo ahead of time.


He literally had no idea he was about to be promoted from NXT to WWE's main roster.

Sikoa also watched rehearsals for Clash from the comfort of Reigns' private dressing room. He was only told plans "an hour before the show started". Talk about last-minute booking!

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