Speculation On Cody Rhodes Leading ROH Invasion Of AEW

A crazy theory has started doing the rounds following Tony Khan's big AEW Dynamite announcement.

Cody Rhodes ROH

Is Cody Rhodes set to lead a Ring of Honor invasion of All Elite Wrestling following Tony Khan's ROH buyout? Perhaps not, but at least one source close to the matter believes this is something that could eventually happen.

Sean Ross Sapp commented on the Cody theory during Fightful's latest post-Dynamite show. When it was brought up, SRS said that this was something that people had come up with on their own. Despite this, Sapp added that the source that said Tony Khan was purchasing ROH, who had given him some "pretty accurate information", feels like Cody leading this could happen at some point.

Obviously, this isn't a concrete report of an impending Rhodes ROH/AEW invasion and shouldn't be treated as such. Fantasy bookings will likely enjoy indulging in the prospect regardless.


Something like this going ahead would represent a massive swerve following Rhodes' surprising AEW departure last month. By all accounts, the two sides have legitimately gone their separate ways, with the former EVP expected to eventually show up in WWE.

Cody has significant ROH history, having worked for the company extensively between his WWE release and AEW's formation, holding its World Title for 175 days in 2017.

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