Spoiler On WWE Legend Appearing At Super ShowDown 2020

Is a match on the cards for this first ballot Hall of Famer?

Raw Undertaker

The Undertaker isn't set to wrestle at WWE Super ShowDown 2020, but it looks like he'll have a role to play on the latest Saudi Arabian mega-show.

Dave Meltzer noted on today's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that 'The Deadman' has travelled out to the Kingdom with the rest of the WWE team, theorising that WWE could use Super ShowDown to set up 'Taker's rumoured WrestleMania 36 match with AJ Styles.

Styles is set to compete against Andrade, Bobby Lashley, Erick Rowan, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio in the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match, though recent episodes of Raw have seen him butting heads with Ricochet and Aleister Black. A big-stage Super ShowDown confrontation with The Undertaker would be a neat way to start their feud.


'Taker's last Saudi Arabian appearance came at Super ShowDown 2019, where he and Goldberg had a match to forget as the former WCW Champion knocked himself loopy with a botched spear in the corner, his head crashing into the ring post. Let's hope that whatever WWE have planned for Undertaker on Thursday night goes a bit smoother than that.

Goldberg and Hulk Hogan are the only wrestling legends signed to appear at Super ShowDown 2020 so far.


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