Stan Hansen And Jacqueline Confirmed For WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Magazine confirms new inductees.

The WWE Hall of Fame news continues with a report that former All Japan Triple Crown and AWA Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen and former WWE Women's Champion Jacqueline will be inducted into this year's class. Though WWE has not acknowledged the inductions on television or online, the company released a special commemorative WrestleMania 32 magazine last week that named Hansen and Jacqueline as 2016 inductees. actually broke the news of Jacqueline's induction several weeks ago... Though Stan Hansen primarily made his reputation in Japan, he also competed for WWE in the 1970s, quickly becoming one of the company's top heels. When Bruno Sammartino suffered a broken neck in a match with Hansen, credit for the injury was given to "The Lariat's" devastating finishing maneuver. He headlined shows with Sammartino and Bob Backlund before heading to All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he would spend the bulk of the next 20 years having classic matches with The Funks, Toshiaki Kawada, and Kenta Kobashi.

After making a name for herself in the territories, Jacqueline joined WCW as the manager of Kevin Sullivan. She started feuding with Disco Inferno, eventually defeating him in an intergender match, then left the company for WWE. Upon arriving, she teamed up with Marc Mero in a feud with Sable that saw Jacqueline capture the reactivated Women's Championship. Her tenure in the company lasted until 2004 and saw her win another Women's Title and the Cruiserweight Championship. This year's class of confirmed names; Sting The Fabulous Freebirds The Godfather Big Boss Man Stan Hansen Jacqueline We also believe Regis Philbin will be announced for the celebrity wing and unless things have changed, JBL will also be inducted this year... though the news he will be inducting Godfather along with Ron Simmons this year has really put into doubt that particular induction. There's also usually one foreign name inductee but there's been no real hint on who that could be this year.

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