Steel Cage Match Announced For Next Week's WWE Raw

Will the latest time be the charm for this previously announced cage match?

Steel Cage WWE

Bayley and Becky Lynch will finally do battle inside a steel cage on next week's edition of WWE Raw... allegedly.

This would be the second time the two former women's champions have been booked to have a cage match on Raw, with last week's match scrubbed when Damage CTRL attacked Lynch before the bout, battering The Man and laying her out before the bell could ring.

In reality, it turned out that the opening segment of Raw XXX ran long, and there wouldn't have been enough time to have a proper cage match, so they opted to turn it into an angle.


Still, this match almost didn't happen (in storyline) because Bayley refused to accept Becky's challenge... until she dragged a wounded Dakota Kai out and threatened to batter her leg with a steel chair to coax a "yes" out of the Role Model.

Bayley versus Becky has been rumored for WrestleMania 39, so it's unclear how a cage match in early February will translate into a Mania match two months later. Maybe we'll get another screwy finish, or maybe this actually will be the blowoff, as this feud has been extremely underwhelming considering the stature of both women.

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