Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Relationship Status Rumours Addressed

WWE CEO and former WWE Champion "a team" per updated reports.

stephanie mcmahon triple h

Swirling and unsubstantiated rumours about the relationship status of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were put to bed over the weekend following a Wade Keller PWTorch report that refuted any and all claims.

In relation to prior social media remarks about the pair following circulated images of Stephanie McMahon without her wedding ring on and later taking time off earlier this year to "spend with her family" (before rapidly returning as company CEO), Keller said;

“[There was some] conjecture that maybe...there were marital issues that they were dealing with. I’m told that’s just flat out not the case and that they are a team.”

WWE announced that Stephanie McMahon would be taking over as interim CEO and company Chairwoman following the news of Vince McMahon stepping down as the board of directors conducts misconduct allegations. Triple H's role and day-to-day - Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development - remains unchanged as per existing reports at present. The pair have been married since 2003, having gotten together at some point during the early days of their on-screen pairing in 2000.

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