Steve Austin Calls WWE Boss Vince McMahon The "Greatest Performer Ever"

'Stone Cold' lavishes praise on WWE boss Vince McMahon, then balances it out.

Steve Austin, Vince McMahon

Steve Austin believes that Vince McMahon is the single "greatest performer of all time".

'Stone Cold' made a special appearance on WWE's The Bump and followed up his praise by saying that McMahon "is not the most graceful human being in the world". He surely meant physically, because Austin then analysed his time trading bumps and working matches with the boss.

He had a blast.


There's obvious mutual respect between the pair, but it might surprise some to hear Steve call Vince the "greatest performer of all time"; Austin worked with everyone from The Undertaker and The Rock to Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels during his iconic in-ring career.

It's true that McMahon is his most famous rival, however. That's something Austin recognises, and he'll never forget how Vince seized "opportunity [when it] opened up organically" back in the late-1990s. He's always been so impressed by how Vince put himself in harm's way when he probably didn't need to.


The full interview is worth watching for more 'Stone Cold' goodness. In it, Austin goes in-depth on classic moments from his career and discussed the future of other projects like his 'Broken Skull Sessions'.

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