Steve Austin WASN'T WWE's First Choice To Play The 'Ringmaster' Gimmick

Incredibly, someone else almost bagged the role that went to the future 'Stone Cold'.

Adam Bomb Royal Rumble

Adam Bomb almost bagged the 'Ringmaster' gimmick before Steve Austin.

The leader of the 'Bomb Squad' told the 'Shining Wizards' podcast that the then-WWF "offered" him two different gimmick when he first signed with the company in the summer of 1993. One was the colourful nuclear meltdown survivor, and the other was a boots-n-tights journeyman pro who could wrestle rings round his opponents.

Bomb went for the more gimmicky of the two, because he thought that'd give him a better chance of connecting with WWF crowds. He also figured that Vince McMahon would be more invested in the character due to its cartoony nature.


This was a full two years before Austin joined on as 'The Ringmaster'.

Adam knows that some wrestling fans won't believe that Austin's eventual gimmick was in the WWF's plans for so long, but he'd encourage doubters to "go to the trademark commission and look it up". Most won't bother, to be honest - WWE's creaky "creative services" department was well-known for repackaging old ideas even then.


Christ knows what the company would've had in mind for 'Stone Cold' had the 'Ringmaster' gimmick been done though. 'Frost McFang' might've happened right enough.

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