Sting Reveals His "Wrestling Mount Rushmore"

No, Sting didn't put himself in there! The AEW icon named four WWE legends instead.

Sting Ric Flair Clash of the Champions

Sting has revealed who he'd put on his own personal "pro wrestling Mount Rushmore".

The ex-WCW, TNA, WWE and (current) AEW icon resisted the urge to put himself on the list though. During an interview with 'The Schmo', the Stinger laughed as he thought about even viewing himself that way at all. No, to him, others are more deserving of those coveted spots on the wrasslin' rock face.

Sting's first pick was Hulk Hogan, because "obviously you have to have Hulk in there". Together, the pair worked a memorable (if slightly disappointing) match at WCW's Starrcade 1997 pay-per-view. That remains one of the most talked-about WCW matches ever.


Naturally, Ric Flair was next. He and Sting had several notable battles against one another back in the NWA/WCW days, and actually worked Nitro's last match in March 2001.

After that, the AEW man decided to put The Rock and Steve Austin (in that order) on his shortlist. Nobody else was up for consideration, which is interesting. As always in these things, when he's not mentioned, The Undertaker was conspicuous by his absence.


Sting puts Hogan, Flair, Rocky and 'Stone Cold' at the top.

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