Sting Wants The Undertaker At WWE WrestleMania 36

"If there was a 'Taker situation at 'Mania, I would listen to that phone call," says Sting, 60.

Sting Undertaker WrestleMania 36

It might have seemed as though the dream match of The Undertaker vs. Sting faded into the ether when the longtime holdout called time on his career in 2015, not long after WWE had wasted a golden opportunity by pitting him against Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

And realistically, you'd be right. It's been four years since Seth Rollins' buckle bomb took the sting out of the Stinger, and we'd all made peace with the idea of the WCW icon, 60, never again picking up his trademark baseball bat.

Apparently, the man himself has different ideas.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Sting stated in the starkest of terms that if WWE made the call, he'd gladly face off against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 - by which point the two men will have a combined age of 116.

"If there was a 'Taker situation at WrestleMania, I would listen to that phone call," admitted Sting. "I could get in condition and I could pull it off."

Is it a realistic proposition? Perhaps: The Undertaker is still officially active, after all. However, much as he'd like it to come true, Sting isn't getting his hopes up too high. He told SI that he thinks about the match every year - but doesn't think it'll happen.

If by some miracle the dream is realised, Sting fully expects to have The Phenom's number:

"There is no way The Stinger is gonna get tombstoned by The 'Taker. That ain't happening. Not on my watch."

Everybody crossing their fingers for this childhood fantasy coming to fruition should perhaps keep in mind The Undertaker vs. Goldberg at Super Show-down. Just sayin'.

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