'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Files For Several New Trademarks

The iconic Texas Rattlesnake looks to add several new phrases for merchandising purposes.

Hot on the heels of WWE recently filing to trademark the ring names of several NXT talents, now comes news that the legendary ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has followed suit and put in for some new trademarks of his own.

As of September 11th, the Texas Rattlesnake filed the trademarks for “Queen of Attitude”, “King of Professional Wrestling”, and “Steve Austin”.

These terms are just the latest to be trademarked by Austin, with him filing for “Broken Skull Ranch” and “Skullaflage” back in July, and “King of Attitude” last December.


All of the aforementioned phrases have been trademarked for merchandise purposes, so expect to see some of these popping up on t-shirts, hats, and the like from the WWE Hall of Famer in the future.

To elaborate on those recent NXT trademarks, September 4th and 6th saw WWE file for “The Forgotten Sons”, “Marina Shafir”, “Jessamyn Duke”, “Taynara”, “Vanessa Borne”, “Xia Li” and “Dakota Kai” – plus accidentally filing for “Lo Shirai” instead of “Io Shirai”.


Ahead of next week’s NXT move to USA Network, it looks likely that those NXT stars could be set to have a strong presence on NXT TV moving forward.

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