Stone Cold's Genius MSG Escape Plan After WWE Shows

Austin 3:16 says I just avoided your autograph requests.

At his height, Steve Austin was the biggest star in the biz. He couldn't go anywhere without being the centre of attention, and wrestling fans still lose their minds whenever 'Stone Cold' shows up today. That level of celebrity requires a certain level of cunning.

Confused? Here's an explanation.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Austin said that he once devised a devilishly clever escape route from WWE shows held at Madison Square Garden. Instead of heading outside to face the throngs of adoring fans who desperately wanted a picture, autograph or just to touch him, the brainy ex-World Champion would hop inside an ambulance and leave MSG's parking garage that way.


As sirens blared and crowds parted to let the vehicle through, a nondescript staff member would quietly drive his rental car around 10 minutes away from the venue. Then, Austin's ambulance would park up next to it at a pre-arranged location, he'd hop out, dash into his own car and drive off to his hotel.

That is absolutely genius. Austin used this method more than once, and says it was essential if he wanted to leave the arena quickly or without fuss.

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