Surprise ECW Original Set To Join Dudleys And Dreamer On Tonight's WWE Raw?

A fourth ECW legend is set to join the war against the Wyatts, with a possible view to a match at TLC.

Bubba Ray Dudley has sparked rumours of a fourth ECW original returning to WWE television tonight, after a tweet stating: 'Just got to #WWECharlotte. Also, just got off phone with an EXTREME BROTHER!! DO NOT MISS @WWE #Raw tomorrow night!!' With the upcoming TLC pay per view only a week away, the possibility of a eight-man match seems high - although the identity of the fourth man remains a mystery. WWE have remained tight-lipped over the return, although a number of ex-superstars can be considered favourites. Rhyno must be high on the list of suspects, currently working under an NXT contract, while Sandman has previously tagged with Tommy Dreamer in WWE. Another potential candidate could be former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, who has a history of working sporadic short-term contracts for Vince McMahon since leaving the company in 2007. Even before Bubba's tweet, talk of WWE calling upon another ECW original had been simmering - especially after last week's SmackDown, which saw the Wyatt Family use their numerical advantage to steamroll the babyface trio. It doesn't seem as though fans will have to wait long for an answer; it's unlikely that Bubba would have made such a tweet, had he not been certain of an appearance on this week's Monday Night Raw.

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