Sylvain Grenier Hired As WWE Agent

Sadly, Renee Dupree is nowhere to be seen...

Sylvain Grenier

According to a recent interview, former La Résistance member Sylvain Grenier has been taken on as a backstage agent by WWE.

Grenier - an active performer in the company from 2003-2007 - personally revealed in said interview that he began working with the company again on last weeks edition of Monday Night Raw in Kentucky.

Well aware that he is still fairly green in the role, Grenier stated that 'for the moment, I’m in training, but eventually, I will be assigned to the red team or the blue team, Raw or SmackDown. I’m going to do a TV show a week, every PPV and once a month, I’m going to tour house shows.'


That sounds like quite the undertaking for someone so new to the job and it definitely feels as though WWE are throwing the former Tag champ in at the deep end.

He also explained that the entire scenario came about after he met up with Kevin Dunn to request some old photos to use for his fitness show. Dunn explained that WWE were in need of some new agents and Grenier was even flown out to Los Angeles for the very first edition of SmackDown on FOX. Before signing a deal with them soon after.


As unexpected as the announcement may be, Grenier may prove to be a stellar addition to WWE's backstage crew. We'll wait and see.


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