T-BAR Explains Why WWE Gave Retribution Contracts

It was cheaper than paying for security, apparently.

After many fans questioned why WWE decided to bizarrely sign the chaotic Retribution faction on this week's Raw, T-BAR has finally on Twitter revealed why this decision was made.

The former Dominick Dijakovic was one of the five NXT alumni given new monikers and WWE contracts on the latest episode of the Monday night show. However, as odd as the names T-BAR, Slapjack and Mace were, it was the latter announcement, that the promotion had signed the main roster terrorisers to full-time contracts, which left fans really scratching their heads.

However, T-BAR has now shed some light on the situation on Twitter:

'WWE offered us contracts because it was financially cheaper than all of the security guards we kept injuring. We signed the contracts to pay for our hired guns to do our dirty work. Our goal is still to destroy our current employer, WWE'

Going further and suggesting that fans shouldn't look too far into the peculiar contract situation, the star added:

'Yes WWE is paying us to destroy their company, because we were successfully destroying it regardless. They think if we are under contract then they can contain/manage our chaos. But they will be unsuccessful. Stop overthinking literally everything.'


Away from acknowledging their current deals with WWE, T-BAR also took some shots at actor Tom Hardy on the social media site. The wrestler has been compared to Hardy's Bane character in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises movie. Yet, 6ft 7" T-BAR clearly feels that 5ft 9" Hardy's Bane is inferior to his current WWE gimmick as he highlighted the actor's smaller stature with a screenshot.


He tweeted:

'Nothing is worse than a cheap imitation. You have been supplied with a false idol! #RETRIBUTION'

Their current main roster run may not be going down as well as the company would've hoped, but Retribution's Twitter game is more than making up for their crappy on-screen presentation.

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