Tajiri Injured At NXT Tapings

Former Cruiserweight Champion out with a hurt knee. reports that cruiserweight division star Tajiri has been put out of action with a right knee injury sustained at a recent set of NXT TV tapings.

Though the site offered few details, it did confirm that "The Japanese Buzzsaw" is not currently cleared to compete.

Tajiri cut his teeth in Mexico and his native Japan, but first came to U.S. fame while working for ECW during the Attitude Era. That run - where he had a famous rivalry with "The Extreme Luchador" Super Crazy - saw Tajiri capture the ECW Television and World Tag Team Titles, and gain some major notice, as after the promotion closed, he signed with WWE.


During his four years with WWE, the star captured a slew of championships, including three Cruiserweight Titles (the precursor to today's Cruiserweight Championship), the United States Title, and Tag Team Titles with William Regal and Eddie Guerrero. He left the company at the end of 2005, returning to his native Japan to compete in All Japan, New Japan, HUSTLE, and eventually, to run his own promotion, Wrestling New Classic.

Tajiri made his first stateside WWE appearance in over a decade last year when he competed in the first-ever Cruiserweight Classic tournament. Though he was eliminated in the second round by Gran Metalik, rumors swirled that the veteran had signed with the company. Sure enough, he made his full-time return on the first 205 Live of 2017.

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