That Time Christopher Daniels Was Nearly The Higher Power

It could've been the Fallen Angel all along, Austin...

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Everyone and their granny knows that Vincent Kennedy McMahon was the 'Higher/Greater Power'.

If you didn't, well, where have you been hiding? Let's be honest: practically anything that occurred during the halcyon days of WWE's Attitude era is hardly secret. It was the single most raucous, lucrative and creative time to be a fan, and it provided the weirdest blend of exhilarating storylines and (at times) content the company want folks to forget now.

The absolute best was Mr. McMahon's long-running series of promos, matches and sheer comedy gold with one Steve Austin. Together, the pair had fans laughing, cheering, booing, wincing and, above all else, forking over dollar after dollar to see what might happen next. It was a superb time to be alive, and the entire tale steered in a bold new direction by the time calendars turned to 1999.

By that year, even the mighty WWF needed something radical to up the pace and maintain interest in the feud. So, naturally, Vinnie Mac won the Royal Rumble and then clashed with his bitter foe inside a Steel Cage at February's St. Valentine's Day Massacre pay-per-view.

Incredibly, this was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it came to '99's storytelling gusto. There was more to come.

Way more.



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