That Time Michael Cole Used WWE TV To Shoot On The Olympics

Kurt Angle just revealed why WWE's Michael Cole was p*ssed at the Olympics.

Kurt Angle Big Show

Michael Cole went out of his way to irk the International Olympic Committee when they threatened legal action against WWE, according to Kurt Angle.

Angle told a fascinating story about Cole's rebellion on his new podcast. The IOC warned WWE to stop calling Kurt's finisher the 'Olympic Slam' on television; that's why the move was quietly renamed the 'Angle Slam', but big bad MC was having none of it.

Kurt recalls Cole's reaction to this threat. He continued calling the finisher as he had before, and actually mentioned it more frequently just to hammer home the point. Angle guessed that Michael barked "Olympic Slam" on commentary "at least 15 times because he wanted to p*ss them off".


Don't screw with Cole.

Angle also discussed how he phased out the move as his main finish in favour of the Ankle Lock. Interestingly, Ken Shamrock (who had previously used the hold in WWE) gave Kurt his blessing. In fact, Angle says Shamrock was "very cool about it".


Before he abandoned the 'Olympic' name for his other main move, Michael Cole was determined to tick the Olympic Committee off as much as possible and get back at them for their demands.

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