That Time The Undertaker ALMOST Walked Out On WWE

The Undertaker and WWE's relationship was nearly sent to the boneyard...

Undertaker American Badass

The Undertaker is a WWE lifer.

From 1990 onwards, he did not jump to another promotion. Earlier this year, on Twitter, he buried Wheeler YUTA for the (invented, never echoed by a single AEW fan) suggestion that he was AEW's equivalent to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Evidence is scant, but gauging by this, he seems to think AEW is some rinky-dink outfit. He's probably never heard of TNA, and since he's about as mobile as Henry Kissinger in 2023, he's hardly going to do the G1.

But did the Undertaker ever entertain the notion of going to WCW?

You'd think "no", particularly given how the Undertaker conducted himself during the Invasion storyline. If you've somehow forgotten, picture the Stand Up For WWE meme guy, except very large and intimidating, chewing tobacco, and pounding on the door of a strip joint furious that it is closed. He was pissed that these f*ckers tried to take food off his table, and now one of 'em wants to bang his woman?!

'Taker was presented in 2001 as a vigilante vowing revenge against the perverts in society, only that pervert was an...incredible working babyface. Alongside Kane, he annihilated Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon in a steel cage match at SummerSlam, a worthless, one-sided d*ck-measuring contest. It was a truly pathetic match, the worst clichés of the WWF's attitude towards Dubya See Dubya manifested. They just had to have the bigger d*ck, didn't they, but ironically, it was as needle-d*cked a match as you'll ever see. It was laughably defensive, reeking of the attitude that did interest levels in throughout the 21st century. They always had to win, even when they'd already won.

Weirdly, given that 'Taker worked that match as if WCW had threatened to take away his guns, he did actually flirt with the idea of jumping in 1996.

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