15 Most Brutal Brock Lesnar Moments

Here comes the pain! Seriously. This is going to hurt really, really badly.

Brock Lesnar Blood Urine Vomit

"The Next Big Thing." "The Beast Incarnate." "The Conqueror." "The One in 22–1." "The Mayor of Suplex City." "The God of Violent Retribution." They're all nicknames for Brock Lesnar, the most frightening wrestler on the WWE roster. And Brock earned each and every one of those nicknames the hard way.

Michael Cole reminds the WWE Universe, every time Brock hits the ring, of the following facts: he's the NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion, a four-time WWE Champion, an Undisputed UFC Champion and a certified box-office and PPV draw. It's no wonder that the WWE is paying him millions dollars to work a handful of dates per year.

A lot of professional wrestlers are technically and athletically gifted, but Brock stands apart. Few fans, aside from small children, think professional wrestling is unscripted. But even amongst the most cynical fans, Brock has the ability to 'sell' the fight, and make it 'look real.' It's a combination of things — his tendency to work stiff, his background in amateur wrestling, and his status as an unholy genetic freak. 

Here are the top 15 brutal Brock Lesnar moments, and we're not talking about when he 'broke' Hunter's and Shawn's arms in the storyline. These are the cringe-inducing moments that hurt like hell, for real, and they required anything from a check-up to a multi-day stay in the hospital. 

The Undertaker will fight Lesnar at SummerSlam later this month but, after reading this list, you might question the wisdom of putting a broken down veteran against the Beast Incarnate.

15. Multiple Chair Shots To The Big Show


Event: Royal Rumble

Date: 2014

The WWE was just a couple of months away from WrestleMania. A couple months away from Brock's now infamous match against The Undertaker. So what did the WWE do to build the hype? They used a handful of their limited Lesnar dates to start an angle against The Big Show.

It made little sense at time time, and it ended with this squash match at the Rumble, where Brock throttled The Big Show with a steel chair. And no matter how pre-determined they are, 20+ steel chair shots will not feel good come morning.


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