The "Two Names" That Bagged AEW A TV Deal

Would AEW be on TBS and TNT if it wasn't for these guys? One of them doesn't think so.

Chris Jericho Jim Ross JR AEW

Chris Jericho believes his influence, and the star power of one Jim Ross, secured AEW lucrative slots on both TBS and TNT.

Jericho got on his soap box during a recent episode of his 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast and said he didn't want to sound "egotistical", but has to give credit where it's due. Without Jericho and JR, Chris reckons, TV execs from both networks wouldn't have been so interested in AEW's product.

Of course, Jericho put over the hard work and diligence of Tony Khan, as well as a hot roster of young fresh faces who were hungry to make a splash in the first place. Sprinkle on Jericho's star power, as well as the fact that Ross is one of the most beloved commentators of all time, and you've got quite the mix.


Jericho also said he personally took it upon himself to carry All Elite Wrestling on his back for the first "three or four months" back in 2019. That was a lot of pressure, but he believed in the promotion and knew it could be successful long-term if they could snag a top TV deal.

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