The Amazing True Story Behind AEW's Next Big Breakout Stars

These three stars should shine in All Elite Wrestling.

AEW/James Musselwhite/Joao Ferreira

All Elite Wrestling's first World Champion might be a 48-year-old best known for his WWE work, but the young promotion's first four pay-per-views have given few other reasons to be cynical about its chances of becoming a fertile breeding ground for new stars.

Luchasaurus, AEW's only male hoss, is absurdly over. Fight for the Fallen's three-way tag was built largely around his hot tag - a layout so successful, the former Judas Draven emerged as the night's breakout star. All Out was even more triumphant, as Luchasaurus layered pops upon pops upon pops as he lucha'd away from all three SoCal Uncensored members, knocked them down with kicks, then crushed Frankie Kazarian with a Chokeslam and Standing Moonsault. His building-shaking ovation was earned.

The big man's A Boy and his Dinosaur partner, Jungle Boy, has demonstrated similar potency as an effervescent underdog. Luchasaurus and his small human child should best The Young Bucks in the upcoming tag team tournament finals to complete a real star-making turn.

Elsewhere, the 23-year-old MJF has already demonstrated an aptitude in his microphone and character work far beyond his years (and most other heels in the business), and has a readymade Cody feud to send him stratospheric when the time comes. Private Party are raw look overawed at times, but their hyperactive offense is breathtaking. Darby Allin's dark alt-punk aesthetic and do-or-die attitude will appeal to thousands.

The aforementioned performers are already on their way to breaking out. They have a headstart, though they may soon be overtaken by an exciting power trio with a compelling backstory...



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