The Disturbing Truth Behind WWE Raw Reunion

We hold these Disturbing Truths to be self-evident, that all men are NOT created equal.

Bray Wyatt Mick Foley

I mean, where to f*cking start?

Those below the line in the comments section (that will race to say they won't even click past Page One) will be thrilled with the shout-out here, because many of them are the same ones that cry foul whenever WWE are criticised for anything, not least when it's richly deserved. Believe it or not, your writer harbours a deep, deep affection for the organisation and the product. A deep affection for many of the performers that appeared on Raw Reunion. A bizarrely deep affection for one that didn't - where the sh*t was Sid, anyway? Deep enough to neglect sleep despite the tiring constraints of fatherhood to stay up until 4am to watch this special edition of the flagship just to have much from a 30-year affection rewarded.

The Disturbing Truth Behind WWE Raw Reunion could be that your writer is disturbed. The Disturbing Truth Behind WWE Raw Reunion could be that, as some 30+ heroes and villains from the past 30+ years stood on the stage whilst only-partially-uncancelled Hulk Hogan cycled through the hits, the stench of tragedy undermined the very concept of what it meant to be a "Superstar".

Or, (and, spoiler alert for the next five pages), the Disturbing Truth Behind WWE Raw Reunion could be that there were so many painful, jaw-droppingly evident disturbing truths about the confusing future of the company (rather than the much-dwelled-upon past) over the course of three bewildering hours, that it's hard to even imagine this episode keeping the USA Network wolves from the door, let alone next week's.

This article will get to the one (two? one and a half?) good thing about this show, because without all the trash we are unable to see the treasure. But how can such a mountain of trash simply be ignored?



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