The Elite, CM Punk & The Significance Of "Carry On Wayward Son"

The Elite's use of the Kansas classic in AEW spurred talk of jabs at CM Punk, but...

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The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega debuted new entrance music for their grand AEW return at Full Gear 2022 (19 November), hitting the ring to Kansas' 'Carry On Wayward Son' for their Trios World Championship match with Death Triangle.

But while The Young Bucks were aware that people would draw a line between this specific song, given its lyrics, and CM Punk, interpreting the track as a jab, this wasn't the intention.

Dave Meltzer reports that The Young Bucks had wanted to use 'Carry On Wayward Son' for a long time. Nick and Matt Jackson are both fans of the song, as is their father, and their decision to walk down to it goes further back than The Elite's brawl with Kenny Omega after All Out 2022 (4 September). That said, the Bucks were cognizant that people would see it as a product of the Punk situation.


A quick glance at the chorus' lyrics makes it easier to understand why some may have considered 'Carry On Wayward Son' as a shot at Punk:-

Carry on, my wayward son,


There'll be peace when you are done,

Lay your weary head to rest,


Don't you cry no more.

Full Gear 2022 was The Elite's first match since All Out. The Bucks and Omega brawled with Punk and Ace Steel following the now-former AEW World Champion's incendiary comments at the post-PPV media scrum, leading to indefinite suspensions for all involved parties. Punk now appears to be on his way out of AEW, with the two parties reportedly in talks over a potential contract buyout.

Meltzer notes that The Elite will continue to use Kansas as their entrance music for trios matches, but not singles or tags. The Bucks' history with the song goes back to their teenage years, when they would use it for backyard wrestling entrances.

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