The Fiend Debuting ANOTHER New Look At WWE WrestleMania 37?

A sneak peak at Bray Wyatt's potentially updated Fiend ahead of WrestleMania 37.

The Fiend

Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' character could be set for another attire upgrade at WrestleMania 37.

As originally pointed out by Wrestling Inc., a fresh screenshot from the WWE SuperCard game shows The Fiend in his current, crispy form, but with a raggedy old towel over his head as well:-

The Fiend lol

Whether or not this shredded old cloth will be part of Wyatt's WrestleMania aesthetic remains to be seen, though it could conceivably be draped over his head for his ring entrance. We'll find out this weekend.


Wyatt faces Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37. It'll likely be the end of a lengthy rivalry that started as 2020 was drawing to an end, taking a significant detour when The Fiend was written off of television after being burned to a crisp in his and Orton's Firefly Inferno match at TLC 2020. The increasingly spooky Alexa Bliss continued the rivalry in Wyatt's absence, tormenting Randy with fireballs, black goo, and other supernatural spells.

The Fiend returned at Fastlane 2021 last month, debuting his new burned look as Bliss wrestled Orton in a shambles of a "match." Resembling a cross between an Egyptian mummy, a Slipknot roadie, and an Ewok, his look could now be set for another reconfiguration.

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