The First Owen Hart Action Figure In 20+ Years Is SOLD OUT

Only a lucky few got their hands on the first piece of Owen Hart merch since 1999.

Owen Hart Action Figure

Pro Wrestling Tees recently released a limited edition Owen Hart action figure - it's the first piece of officially-sanctioned Owen merch since 1999. His widow Martha signed a deal with PWT through The Owen Hart Foundation, and this is the result of that agreement.

Only 250 units were produced.

The site sold them for $30 apiece, and AEW's Matt Cardona has since claimed on Twitter that the figures sold out "in minutes". That's amazing if true, but hardly surprising. Wrestling fans have been begging to get their hands on some Owen merchandise for years now.


Cardona was one of the lucky ones who snagged a fig before they all sold out. Again, that's not a shocker. He's a huge collector, and was hardly going to miss an opportunity like this.

Owens' new figure was part of PWT's 'Micro Brawler' range. It's the kind of thing that collectors will keep under plastic forever - this ain't the kind of toy someone will take out of the packaging so their kids can play with it, put it that way.


There's no word yet on whether or not PWT and The Owen Hart Foundation plan to run more merch.

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