The Genius Way WWE Has Changed Paul Heyman's Role

From vital friend to rescued lost soul...

There's one hell of a story simmering on SmackDown right under your nose.

The Wrestling Observer has received word from backstage sources that WWE plan to totally change how Paul Heyman is presented on television. The company are already putting that into practice by changing Heyman from Brock Lesnar's "Advocate" to "Special Council" for new Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Here's the brilliant part.


Heyman and Lesnar were clearly longtime friends who had a strong bond because they could chart their relationship right back to the start of Brock's WWE career. Meanwhile, Heyman and Reigns are different. They're associated because Roman saved Paul's run with the promotion by giving him renewed purpose when all looked lost.

That means Paul E is indebted to Reigns for showing faith in him when he could've easily dropped out of WWE post-Lesnar.


The Observer says that Heyman will be more subservient to Reigns than he ever was to Brock or other clients down throughout the years. Rather than acting exclusively as Roman's mouthpiece, Paul (in storyline) will also be called upon to hold up his end of the bargain.

Roman isn't just his meal ticket; Heyman has a job to do, and that's follow Reigns' orders.


This could be special.

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