The Great Khali No Longer Listed On

Giant's return may have been short-lived.

The Great Khali's profile was removed from the list of active WWE superstars on the company website shortly after his appearance last month at Battleground.

It was originally expected that the former World Heavyweight Champion, who helped Jinder Mahal beat Randy Orton on his return, would thereafter become a prominent part of SmackDown Live.

Many viewers had anticipated an expansion of Jinder Mahal's entourage, which currently comprises of Singh Brothers Sunil and Samir.


Apart from functioning as an equaliser for Mahal in his title defences against more accomplished opponents, an alliance with Khali was also supposed to be a quick way of endearing the new WWE Champion to fans in India.

Yet - despite initially being added to the online roster - Khali's WWE return now looks to have been naught more than a one-off appearance, after eagle-eyed fans noticed that they had removed any trace of it days later.


In the absence of any official word, some have speculated that the company may have performed a U-turn after growing concerned that Khali would have stolen the lime-light from Jinder.

It's also conceivable that the two parties were simply unable to reach an agreement for more appearances, which would make sense alongside recent reports that management are looking to scale back their production costs.

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