The Hardy Boyz Are Back - First Match In 3 Years!

Matt and Jeff are putting the band back together for the first time since 2019.

Jeff hardy Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy, YouTube

Jeff and Matt Hardy have just announced their first tag team match as The Hardy Boyz in close to three years.

The brothers have been confirmed for Big Time Wrestling's Saturday 12 March show in Webster, Massachusetts, as advertised by the promotion on Tuesday. Their opponents are yet to be confirmed.

Big Time Wrestling's graphic suggests the match will be part of a 2022 tour for the reunited Hardyz.


Matt and Jeff's last televised match together came on the 9 April 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown, where they defeated The Usos to become SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Their reign was short-lived, however, as Jeff suffering a leg injury meant the duo were forced to vacate the belts before a single defence.

11 months later, Matt announced he had left WWE prior to his sibling returning to television.


The Hardy Boyz are yet to announce further dates for their upcoming tour. Matt is currently working for AEW, where he signed in March 2020, while Jeff is a free agent following his WWE release in December. The 44-year-old is still bound to a 90-day non-compete clause preventing him from appearing for other promotions until 9 March.

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