The Heartbreaking Reason Why Jim Ross Cried On His Latest AEW Flight

No, it had nothing to do with the travel...

Jim Ross AEW

Jim Ross is a deceptively emotional man, and he often speaks via his podcast 'Grilling Jr' about how reflective people get as they grow older. On the pod's latest episode, Jim discussed an emotional breakdown he experienced during his flight to the Bahamas for Chris Jericho's cruise and episodes of AEW Dynamite.

It had nothing to do with airline problems or general gripes about travel.

No, Ross used some of his time on the plane to read three draft chapters of his upcoming autobiography and check they were up to standard. Most of the book deals with the passing of JR's late wife and their relationship together over the years. Reading about that was too much for the iconic announcer.

A proud man, Ross didn't want to bawl his eyes out in public, so he quietly sobbed to himself as he reflected on times gone by.

That'll be affecting to anyone who admires JR or has any hint of human compassion. He was in bits as he read through old memories of his wife Jan in the book and soared through the air on his way to AEW.

The entire wrestling community is with you, Jim.

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