The Host Of WWE WrestleMania 39 REVEALED

One man's anniversary present is our reward to not seeing them wrestle.

The Miz Rey Mysterio mask

We found out Monday night what was written on the envelope Maryse gave the Miz for their ninth wedding anniversary last week...

Miz will be the host of WrestleMania 39, joining a long line of superstars who have traded in their wrestling gear for a mic at the biggest show of the year, such as the New Day and Titus O'Neil.

The A-Lister announced the news on Raw during a Miz TV segment where he pretended to bring out the host, only to reveal it was him, and he was outraged Maryse even had to ask that he be granted hosting duties. Miz then promptly was upended by Seth Rollins, who stomped him and stole his phone to further Seth's feud with Logan Paul.


Miz as Mania host actually is a pretty good use of the long-tenured superstar. Despite a world title run as recently as two years ago, Miz has been barely a step above cannon fodder lately, a braggadocios heel who gets his comeuppance regularly. He likely wasn't going to factor into a prominent story for a title match, unless the Intercontinental Championship suddenly is going to be a multi-man match.


So, it makes far more sense to use his natural skills on the mic to hype the show and rile up fans along the way. Expect him to eat someone's finisher at some point though.

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