The IIconics "Huge Announcement" Revealed

Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay have finally leaked details on their big announcement.

The IIconics

Both Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay had been teasing a "huge announcement" for weeks on social media. Most wrestling fans believed the ex-WWE pair were going to confirm their return to the industry as a tag-team - some even wondered whether or not they'd be coming back to Raw, SmackDown or NXT.

In a word, nope.

The "huge announcement" turned out to be something totally unrelated to pro wrestling. Lee and McKay have teamed up with musician Harley Cameron to release a single called 'The IInspiration'; that name is clearly iinspired (ahem) by their old IIconics name in WWE.


McKay told fans on Twitter that she can't wait for everyone to hear what they've been working on.

People responded positively to the news. Most replies on the tweet were generic, 'We can't wait to hear this' types, but a few did feel peeved that the tandem hadn't announced a wrestling booking instead. Being fair, there's time for that yet!


So, if you've ever fancied hearing The IIconics hold a tune, then this single is for you. Cameron's song will be available via Spotify on 20 October.

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The IIconics
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