The Impossible WWE Quiz Part 1: The Golden Era (1982-1993)

Train, say your prayers, take your vitamins... you still won't get 100%.

Most of you reading this probably like to think of yourselves as WWE trivia buffs, people who know their McMahons from their Macho Mans. Well, let's see what you're made of. Welcome to The Impossible WWE Quiz.

We'll start with the Golden Era, way back when WWE was the WWF - the World Wrestling Federation. Now, given that WWE has never had an off season, it can be hard to differentiate between different eras within the history of the company.

Fortunately, pretty much everyone agrees that the Golden Era began with Vincent Kennedy McMahon's purchase of the company from his father, Vincent James McMahon, in 1982, and ended with Hulk Hogan's departure in summer 1993.

So, here we go. Vince beat the territories... can you beat The Impossible WWE Quiz and get 100% of the questions right?

Answers at the end... or you can take the quiz again and try and improve your score. Just remember - use your noodle, don't Google.

1. Who Came Up With The Concept Of The Rock 'N' Wrestling Connection?


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