The Incredible Reason Why Vince McMahon Loved WWE Raw's Adnan Virk

Vince McMahon adored WWE Raw's new lead commentator for this one unique reason.

Adnan Virk

Adnan Virk has revealed what WWE boss Vince McMahon loves most about him.

Raw's lead play-by-play announcer (who has been on the job for two weeks now) told 'Boomer In The Morning' that Michael Cole was the one who first made contact with Virk's agent to see if the ESPN and MLB Network anchor would be interested in trying out for the company.

He was, and ended up auditioning for a gig in February. Before that, Cole told Adnan that Vince would love him. When Virk asked why, Michael pointed out that the prospective newcomer is short. That, according to Cole, would appeal to McMahon because Virk could make wrestlers look bigger than they actually are on camera.


Adnan got a chuckle out of that, but also knew that his new boss would be looking for much more than just diminutive stature long-term. So, Virk went to work on studying every WWE worker he could - he pinpointed Shayna Baszler as an example of someone he could tell cool stories about.

Michael Cole knows the script, eh? He knew that Vince would adore the fact that Virk is on the shorter side.

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