The Insane Way Mick Foley Planned To "Top" His Iconic WWE Bumps

WWE legend Mick Foley originally wanted to better his insane Hell In A Cell bumps.

Mankind The Undertaker King Of The Ring 1998

This would've been crazy.

Mick Foley earned legendary status for two bumps at the then-WWF's King Of The Ring 1998 pay-per-view. During his iconic Hell In A Cell match vs. The Undertaker, Foley (as Mankind) was thrown off the top of the cage through an announce desk. Later, he crashed through the Cell's ceiling into the ring below.

Topping those was always going to be difficult, but Mick tried to do just that against Triple H at No Way Out 2000. Unbelievably, as Foley explained on his 'Foley Is Pod' show, he also planned to better his 1998 bumps in a rematch with 'Taker.


How? Well, Mick fancied crashing through the top of the cage whilst clutching onto The Undertaker's back. In other words, both men would've taken an almighty fall, one Foley believes would've been the greatest of all time.

The margin for error would've been slim - both men could've been badly injured had they tried it, but it wasn't meant to be anyway. Foley had gained significant weight by the time he thought about topping his greatest hits, and he's not sure he would've put 'Taker through that either.


What a thought.

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