The Internet Is Going NUTS Over This Spanish Wrestling Match

Esto es impresionante!

White Wolf Wrestling
White Wolf Wrestling

Prior to Friday, November 9, provided you are not Spanish or subsist entirely on a diet of international pro wrestling, there’s a high chance that you’d never have guessed the geographical location of White Wolf Wrestling. A name not specific to any region, it could have been situated anywhere. Maybe it was one of those northeastern U.S. independents the released stars of WWE work to capitalise on their immediate name value.

Prior to Friday, November 9, if you read ‘A-Kid’ on a wrestling site, you’d expect a burial of WWE RAW’s tag team division to follow.

Any Spanish or ultra-knowledgeable readers may bristle at that, or deem it ignorant,—but this is a very good thing. It means that there is more amazing pro wrestling than there are hours in the day. It means there is amazing pro wrestling in other countries you didn’t know had amazing pro wrestling.

On Friday, November 9, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter tweeted a link to a match between A-Kid and Zack Sabre, Jr. held in Madrid, Spain, with the following exaltation: ‘Dear God this match is amazing’. With a free hour to spare that night, your writer, who became a fan of Japanese wrestling as a result of Meltzer’s recommendations several years ago, strapped in, and expected something very special. The mere mention of Meltzer may rankle with some of you. Based on his recommendation, you might expect a match of endless flips. You might wonder if something is wrong with old Uncle Dave - White Wolf Wrestling is based in Spain, not Japan! You might expect a meaningless blur of high spots with no psychology.

Don’t succumb to preconceptions when watching this pro wrestling match. It’s worked so effectively, so brutally, and so realistically that it barely resembles a pro wrestling match at all.

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