The Last Perfect WWE Raw

November 22nd 2010 doesn't appear on the Network with a hefty subtitle or a talking heads profile dedicated to it, but then little did anybody then or now know it would have such lofty praise heaped upon it retrospectively.

The post-pay-per-view atmosphere should be a hot one. A Monday Night Raw 24 hours removed from a supershow should serve to remind the viewers either how careless they were for not paying for the show the night before, or vindicate those that did. Michael Cole over-eggs the events of Survivor Series 2010 when he calls it "emotional, gut-wrenching and devastating", but the hefty ramifications of the main event are well laid out in the opening salvo.

John Cena had been virtuous to a fault, sacrificing his dream job as a WWE Superstar to count the winning fall for career rival Randy Orton and stop Wade Barrett and The Nexus from claiming ownership of the WWE Championship. Barrett gets a ton of heat opening the show with only 'The Champ's job for a trophy. It's remarkable - the company had totally b*llocksed the angle by this point yet the boos raining down on the group at this point prove how much the audience still wanted to care.

Gang leader Wade logically argues that he never stood a chance thanks to the inherent bias of Cena, which is a cute way to reappraise the stipulations he set up and get himself a rematch against Orton the next night. A malevolent d*ck crying about injustice gets no love until the Anonymous Raw General Manager actually gives the live crowd what they want by booking a WWE Title clash for the main event.

Barrett "permits" Cena a retirement speech later in the show, but more on that later.


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