The Many Faces Of Kevin Nash Ranked - From Worst To Best

20. Master Blaster Steel (1990)


Everybody's got to start somewhere, and the future 'Big Daddy Cool' required his mammoth frame just to get his foot in the door in the first place. Leaving nightclub security behind to step between the ropes, Nash's height and muscularity were attributes enough for WCW to make him one of the 'Master Blasters' alongside Al 'Blade' Green. The stint didn't last, and thankfully neither did our hero's multi-coloured mohawk.

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Kevin Nash
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Square eyes on a square head, trained almost exclusively to Pro Wrestling, Sunderland AFC & Paul Rudd films. Responsible for 'Shocking Plans You Won't Believe Actually Happened', some of the words in our amazing Wrestling bookazines (both available at, and probably every website list you read that praised Kevin Nash.