The Miz Exclusive Interview: 'Cannonball', Reality TV Roots, WWE Without Crowds & More

The A-Lister has his sights set on becoming wrestling's biggest entertainment icon ever.

The Miz Cannonball

Considering The Miz has roots in reality television dating back to his days on The Real World almost 20 years ago, it should come as no surprise to fans of The A-Lister that he has continued to make waves in the world of entertainment, including as the host of Cannonball on USA Network.

The show just recently wrapped up its first season, yet Miz remains busier than ever, between appearing every week on WWE SmackDown, filming the second season of Miz & Mrs. with his wife Maryse, and partaking in several fantasy football leagues, among other exciting endeavors.

Better yet, Miz lives up to his lofty nickname by making every project he's a part of must-see. He's proven to be a fantastic fit for virtually every role he's had from host, contestant, reality TV star, and even WWE champion.

In addition to everything else he has going on at the moment, the eight-time Intercontinental champion can still be seen every Friday night on WWE SmackDown. He's been teaming with his longtime tag partner John Morrison all year long, and is currently embroiled in a rivalry with Heavy Machinery.

While discussing Season 1 of Cannonball recently wrapping up on USA Network, I had a chance to chat with Miz about his latest endeavors, performing for WWE without crowds in attendance, what fans of Miz & Mrs. can expect in the remainder of Season 2, always staying busy, receiving support from his parents, and more.

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