The Miz Had No Idea How To Deal With Cheers At WrestleMania 33

One of WWE's finest heels wasn't expecting a positive reaction...

The Miz Nikki Bella

The Miz told IGN this week that neither he or Maryse expected fans to cheer them when opposing John Cena and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33.

Describing the positivity as "weird" and admitting he "had no idea what to do", the Raw heel said he was ill-prepared for anything other than scathing heat when he taunted Bella inside the ring or delivered Daniel Bryan's trademark series of stiff kicks to the chest of John Cena.

Instead of fighting an uphill battle against fan support, the former SmackDown star said he changed course during the match to roll with the cheers and mock his opponents instead. That switch helped the match in Miz's mind, because the live audience had already decided who they wanted to win and refused to boo the established heels.


There's always a kayfabe, almost guarded tone to The Miz when he speaks to the media, but it's plausible that he would have been surprised by cheers at 'Mania. This is especially true when realising the match foreshadowed a proposal angle between Cena and Nikki that WWE had already been hinting at.

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