The Miz Shares INCREDIBLE WrestleMania Pitch That WWE Turned Down

Miz fancied dropping WWE gold to this legend, and you won't believe who!

Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame

The Miz once pitched dropping WWE's Intercontinental Title to none other than The Ultimate Warrior on the grandest stage at WrestleMania, but Vince McMahon either wasn't interested or couldn't see how the booking would work.

Miz revealed this incredible story on his official TikTok page. According to him, it would've been huge to get Warrior in for a short squash at 'Mania, especially because he was a childhood fan of the face painted gimmick and used to dress up as him.


For context, this would have had to happen when Miz was IC Champ back in either 2012 or 2013. It obviously couldn't have happened when he held Intercontinental gold after that, because Warrior sadly passed away shortly after 'Mania XXX in 2014.

Miz's big pitch to McMahon was to hold a gauntlet bout featuring former IC Champs at 'Mania (probably 29 in 2013, which means he would've had to snag the belt from Wade Barrett before the pay-per-view). After dispatching some other legends, Miz would be horrified to hear Warrior's music hit.


He fancied doing the honours for his childhood hero in mere seconds.

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