The Miz Vs. Bobby Lashley WWE Title Match Set For Next Week's Raw

Could The Miz's WWE Title reign end 8 days after winning the belt at Elimination Chamber 2021?

The Miz Bobby Lashley

The Miz will reluctantly defend his WWE Championship eight days after winning it at Elimination Chamber 2021, facing Bobby Lashley on next week's episode of Raw.

This was confirmed during last night's show. MVP and Lashley confronted Miz at the start of the evening, claiming the champion had a debt to pay after Bobby destroyed Drew McIntyre after the Chamber main event, making Miz's Money in the Bank cash-in an easy sweep.

Lashley gave Miz an hour to respond to his title shot demands. The A-Lister tried to weasel out of it, claiming he needed longer to think, before Braun Strowman interrupted their second in-ring segment. This led to Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce booking Strowman vs. Lashley. If Braun won, he'd be added to the eventual Miz vs. Lashley match, making it a Triple Threat.


In the main event, Bobby punched his title shot ticked by beating Strowman with a spear, doing so in under three minutes. Miz tried to attack with the WWE Title but was laid out, leaving Lashley to close the show with the belt.

Miz's WWE Title win was the first in just under a decade. Now, he could lose it in little over a week.

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