The Real Reason Dean Ambrose Didn't Reunite With Rollins & Reigns On WWE Raw

Ambrose didn't join his former Shield brothers in celebration last night.

Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose

Last night's WWE Raw was an emotional one, with Roman Reigns announcing his leukaemia had gone into remission at the top of the show, before joining forces with former Shield brother Seth Rollins to save Dean Ambrose from the marauding Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Elias, and Baron Corbin.

Roman's show-opening promo concluded with Seth joining him on the stage to embrace and celebrate. Ambrose wasn't present, sparking much speculation around the fanbase.

According to Fightful, Dean's non-appearance was his own choice. They claim that a "very emotional" 'Lunatic Fringe' decided against joining the duo as the moment was going down, which makes sense from a storyline perspective, given Ambrose's strong anti-Reigns narrative after turning heel in late 2018.


Later on, Dean stayed in the ring as Reigns and Rollins left, having saved him from the heels. WWE didn't make the call to book this segment until after Roman's announcement, per Fightful, and it came off well on television.

Now that Reigns is apparently back in action, we could well see a full-on Shield reunion before Ambrose leaves WWE in April. Regardless, the company and Dean should be commended for showing restraint in not rushing to it last night.

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