The Real Reason Dio Maddin Was Removed From WWE Raw Commentary

Maddin has returned to Full Sail for training.


It was reported earlier this week that Samoa Joe will be replacing Dio Maddin on the Raw commentary desk for the foreseeable future, as the former NXT trainee returns to the Performance Center in pursuit of an in-ring return. It's understood Joe will fill the booth until his recovery from injury, though there's no word yet on who will assume the headset permanently.

What we have learned is that there is a slight ulterior motive for Maddin's switch back into the tights. According to Bryan Alvarez speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, neither Vince McMahon nor Raw's producer Kevin Dunne were happy with the former footballer's commentary, instigating his return to the Performance Center.

Whilst back in Florida, it's understood he'll be focusing strictly on wrestling training, rather than brushing up his commentary skills.


Joe, currently nursing a broken thumb, assumed Maddin's seat two weeks back. So far, his work has received widespread plaudits, though he is not currently being considered as a long-term selection for the role.

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