The Real Reason Samoa Joe Has Been Missing From WWE TV

Where in the world is WWE's resident 'Destroyer'?

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe hasn't competed on WWE television since Monday Night Raw's 9 September episode, where he fell to Baron Corbin in a fun King of the Ring semi-final Triple Threat that also featured Ricochet.

All has gone dark with regards to the former NXT Champion since then. Fortunately, PWInsider came through with a new report on Joe's status yesterday, claiming that the big man is currently sidelined with an injury.

PWInsider notes that Joe suffered a broken thumb while working a bout a few weeks ago, which could mean the KOTR Triple Threat, and is currently awaiting clearance from WWE's doctors before he's able to return to the ring. There's currently no word on when that might be.

Joe has enjoyed a year typical of his main roster run so far, with WWE largely using him as an upper-midcard heater who's competitive against comparable opponents but usually falls to bigger names. He picked up his first two main roster championships with a couple of United States Title wins in spring and summer and was briefly involved in a WWE Title feud with Kofi Kingston. Though unsuccessful in his quest to capture the top title, he remains one of the company's more intimidating villains.

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