The REAL Reason Shane McMahon Hasn't Been On WWE TV Lately

Where in the world is the Best in the World?

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon hasn't been seen on WWE SmackDown for a couple of weeks, leaving his ongoing rivalry with Kevin Owens hanging in the balance.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez had previously stated on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that this was because creative had nothing for him, with Vince McMahon, who's been writing the show lately, "forgetting" to script content for his own son. This, apparently, was an erroneous report.

The following Twitter thread should explain everything nicely:-

So no, Vince hasn't forgotten that his son exists: 'The Best in the World' has just been stuck doing jury duty.

It remains to be seen how or when McMahon's feud with Owens will be resolved. KO wasn't on television this week himself, but did go looking for his foe on the previous episode. Instead of finding the former Commissioner, he ran into his stooge, Elias, leading to an eventual brawl between the two.

A potential nightmare scenario remains open in the King of the Ring tournament as Elias is still active, with a popular fan theory speculating Shane might substitute in for the former 'Drifter,' as he did for The Miz in last year's World Cup. The internet's meltdown would almost make this worth it alone.

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