The Real Reason So Many Wrestlers Are Missing From WWE TV Right Now

Here's why it feels like WWE Raw and SmackDown are running with skeleton crews...

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If you are wondering why wrestler X, Y, or Z hasn't been on WWE television lately, it could be the result of the company's latest COVID-19 outbreak.

This is according to Dave Meltzer, who reported as much on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, citing this as the reason so many performers have been missing from WWE shows since WrestleMania 37.

No specific names were given as a positive COVID-19 test result is the wrestler's business to disclose. The past few weeks have brought several notable absences on Raw and SmackDown, though no performers have come forward to claim a positive test result.


Fightful Select reported last week that WWE was shorthanded for the Raw after WrestleMania 37. Per their report, several wrestlers hadn't been cleared to compete after the Showcase of the Immortals, with a couple taken off the weekly rotation as a precautionary measure after demonstrated COVID-19 symptoms. In general, the company was low on available performers.

Part of the reshuffle meant Riddle facing WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, which wasn't originally supposed to happen.


All the best to any wrestlers who may be suffering from the virus in their recovery.

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