The Real Reason The Usos & Naomi Weren't In 2019 WWE Draft

Where in the world are Jimmy, Jey, and Naomi?

Naomi Uso

The Usos and Naomi were among 28 wrestlers that went undrafted in the 2019 Draft, joining the likes of Sheamus, Cesaro, and Luke Harper as "free agents" who are now able to attach themselves to whatever brand they please.

While the trio have been absent from television lately, this was still a moderate surprise as rumours had pointed towards Jimmy and Jey returning as part of the draft. Now, the reason behind their exclusion has come to light.

Figure Four Online/the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer writes that creative just don't have anything for Naomi or The Usos at the moment. Per the report, "there is no creative" and "no return date" for the performers right now, and the company haven't even decided what brand they'll end up on yet. As a result of this, they were omitted from the draft.

Jimmy and Jey were pulled from television when Jimmy was arrested for a DUI in July. Naomi, meanwhile, has been off the road as a result of family issues and a personal health scare. It'd be great to see all three on Raw or SmackDown soon, though it looks like we'll have to wait.

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