The REAL Reason Why Samoa Still Is Still Off WWE Raw

Where is Joe post-Wellness Policy violation?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Samoa Joe isn't medically cleared to make his WWE return just yet.

Joe's 30-day Wellness Policy violation suspension ended right in time for WrestleMania 36, but the Samoan star hasn't launched his comeback. According to Dave Meltzer, that's because he's currently recovering from a concussion.

He suffered the injury whilst filming WWE's 'RAW: Must Be Monday' commercial. In that, Joe is shown being Powerbombed through the announce table by AOP before it slows down and he says, "Must be Monday!" - the bump caused Joe's second concussion in just one (painful) month.


All that Wellness Policy drama came when he was recuperating from back-to-back injuries; Joe's first concussion came during a dive spot on the 27 January episode of Raw. Then, he received another one during the shoot for that commercial.



The Observer also noted that there's currently no timetable in place for Joe's return to Raw. He might not even return on that show, who knows. WWE might decide that the SmackDown roster is a better fit for him right now, or he could be deployed on NXT as a veteran.

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