The Revival Call Out AEW's Lucha Bros.

"Hell of a movez team."

The Revival Lucha Bros

Recently deposed Raw Team Champions The Revival, never shy about making oblique and at times quite blatant references to AEW, got Twitter in another twist this past Monday by calling out the rival promotion's tag team extraordinaire The Lucha Bros.

Mexican superstars Pentagon Jr. and Ray Fenix had originally Tweeted that they were the best tandem in the world, accompanied with a pic of the pair at AAA's TripleMania. The Revival's Dawson responded with a set of 'sides-splitting' emoticons, soon added to by Dash's following barb:

The pile-on continued, with Dawson tagging back in, as it were, simply to say: "MOVEZ!"

So long as the two teams are contracted to different companies, obviously nothing can arise out of this miniature Twitter spat. Still, fun bit of drama that fills the column inches.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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